ISM4point0 is the first European Summit on Industrial Strategy & Management 4.0 for the strategy creators, vision developers, and ecosystem builders on the Boards of Directors and in the Management Teams of those established European B2B companies, that understand Industry 4.0 is going to disrupt their value chain, their business model, and their vision & strategy.


You are the most important star in this event. Each participant has the opportunity to share their vision and plans, receive feedback and new ideas, find potential partners and head-start their disruptions.

The ISM4point0 organization adds world-renowned academic faculty, as well as several experienced industry advisors to this peer vision sharing.


A two day cocktail of expert learning and peer vision sharing, as well as stimulated networking in the vibrant city center of Berlin.

Day 1 – 18 October 2018 – Sharing Disruptive Visions, Connecting Digital Platforms and Cross-Fertilizing Industrial Ecosystems 

Evening 1 – 18 October 2018 – Creating the ISM4point0 ecosystem

  • VIP-dinner and ISM4point0 Award

Day 2 – 19 October 2018 – The Impact of Disruptive Strategies and Ecosystemic Partnerships on the way Business is conducted and Companies are Run

  • The impact on sales & marketing
  • The impact on organization & structure
  • The impact on information & reporting



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Full entry registration: € 990 per person

  • 21% VAT excl. for Belgian residents.
  • VAT reverse for non-Belgian residents.
  • Includes the attendance to the Summit, coffee & snack breaks, lunch, and VIP dinner at the Berlin TV Tower.
  • Travel and stay at your own expense.
  • Invoice can be requested (+ € 10 VAT excl.)


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