ISM4point0 adds value to European sector federations, trade associations, and alumni communities

In every European country, there are a large number of sector federations, trade associations, and alumni networks. They all have several challenges in common: how to add value to members, while these members need less physical networking events, and put more pressure on recurring costs.

Industry 4.0 might be a great opportunity for them to add value. Industry 4.0 will urge industries to cooperate, integrate, and interact. As a representative of a professional community, one could already add much member value by helping businesses look across today’s borders, both regionally and cross-industry. Building bridges will become much more important for each and every organization.

That’s why getting members to attend the Industrial Sales & Marketing 4.0 Summit on 18 and 19 October 2018 in Berlin is a good start to add member value. At ISM4point0 they will meet new colleagues from other industries, exchange experiences and ideas, and make new cross-border connections.

And there is more. As an affiliate partner, community managers can add an extra €100 (VAT excl.) value to the membership fee – with no cash out for the community. Contact Thomas Peeters at Forte for the affiliate program conditions, if it is useful for you to make members happy.

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