Selling solutions is different. As is buying them.

As a sales manager, you know that changing your product sales reps into solutions sales executives is not an evident task. The change is a challenge. Be aware though, also your clients go through an important change. Changing the buyers’ processes from ‘buying products’ into ‘buying solutions’, often requires new skills, now procedures, new purchasing methods, sometimes even new staff. Hence, understanding what clients need to do to buy your solutions for the right reasons, is key to solutions sales success.

Are your customers ready to buy (your) solutions? Or not?

Laura ElgetiIf you’d like to understand whether your customers are ready for your solutions, or not, you should be following Laura Elgeti from the Marketing Department at the Freie Universität Berlin. She is investigating the readiness of business customers to shape and adopt their suppliers’ solution offerings. Her research focuses on how business customers create value by providing and integrating resources within the buying process and within the solution usage over time.

Meet Laura’s thesis supervisor Michael Kleinaltenkamp at the ISM4point0 summit.

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