B2B Marketing = Industrial Marketing. Or not?

B2B Marketing equals Industrial Marketing — almost. There are two differences. One is about perception. The other is about interpretation. B2B is short for business-to-business, as opposed to business-to-consumer or B2C. The problem is, the world does not consist of two ‘camps’ only. What about business-to-government marketing? And what about business-to-institutions marketing? And why would there be a need for the ‘business-to’ prefix, when almost all marketing comes from businesses.

Dwyer & Tanner, who wrote the first fundamentals book on Business Marketing, defined business marketing as marketing to businesses, government, and institutions (such as school, hospitals, and universities). They brought B2B marketing in line with business marketing. On the other hand, in Europe we often forget that the English word ‘industry’ means ‘sector’ in general, whereas we Europeans often confuse ‘industry’ with ‘the manufacturing industry’, since the word ‘industrie’ means ‘the manufacturing industry’ in most of the mainland European languages such as German, French, and Dutch.

So yes, B2B Marketing equals Industrial Marketing. But still, we believe many European people will narrow down Industrial Marketing as a subset for the more manufacturing or even technology-oriented businesses. And since the perception of Industrial Marketing is more technology-focused, we were very happy to be able to use this perception to clearly indicate that ISM4point0 is about that part of marketing (and sales!) which is typically found in those industries close to the manufacturing industry.

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