Regent hotel to inspire B2B companies who are adding services to their products

We are now receiving commercial deals from hotels in Berlin. Want to stay out there at an interesting rate for October 18 and 19? Try a hotel in Berlin and mention “ISM4.0” and see what happens. One of the hotels that has offered us a very good package deal is the Regent hotel. Five star plus, in the Mitte, nearby ESMT and the TV-Turm. The typical princess-compatible luxury setting for business people.

When we discussed our cooperation, we learned a lot about offering services and customer value from the sales people from the Regent. The level of detail with which they keep track of client desires is astonishing. They e.g. already noted that I prefer a Vienna Melange coffee on a weekday afternoon, and that kind of detail makes the extra star. This is what the sales manager told us: “Next time, you are staying in the hotel, we will definitely have remembered that you like this kind of coffee — regardless who will be the waiter. Many business people stay over there in their hotel, because they know we know what they like here. No questions asked. We have noted all the desires from last time, and you are sure you get it back, without asking.”

We do not promote one of the hotels of the list that we are building. But as B2B experts, we really did learn from this attitude. Introducing solutions selling? Servitizing your products? About to introduce customer value management? Do get in touch with the Regent, or stay over and let us know whether this was only a sales pitch or a true services devotion.

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