Measuring the client’s value perception is a great indicator for recurring business

When defining the forecast for next year, it is always sort of a guess to predict the amount of repeat business you will get from your existing B2B clientèle. Of course, you have great account managers who are chasing the clients to get the information that improves the predictability. And they will probably also ask the client about their customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction does not differentiate you any more

The issue is, however, customer satisfaction has become a commodity. Satisfaction does not lead to customer loyalty any longer. You have to be sure that your client understands that they are improving their business because of you. That’s why at Forte, they have been offering a ‘KVI-survey’ service to their clients for many years already. KVI stands for Key Value Indicator. This is not a KPI. It’s the most important parameter, which indicates whether you are creating value for clients — ànd your clients realize they are getting value from you.

Survey the value capture

Forte interviews the clients of its clients in order to find out how they perceive the value offered. Forte consultants do not ask how satisfied they are with their supplier’s service. Most B2B clients will give about an 8/10, and there is nothing interesting in finding out you are almost offering a great service. The consultants ask a more important question, i.e. whether they have been able to capture the value their suppliers have promised them. Most clients will not be politically correct, when they are confronted with such a clear question. And that is when you get the best answers. Great for improving the services, when negative. And a great indicator for recurring revenue, when positive.

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