CxO Leadership Forum to address digitization of services companies

On Friday February 23, ISM4.0 affiliate CxO Europe, will organize a CxO Leadership Forum on Customer Success in the digital era – one of the interesting topics in Industry 4.0. The CxO Leadership forum will host almost 100 CxOs from leading companies, many of them in the services business. “Most leaders in services businesses do not realize their digitization process, is also part of the Industry 4.0 movement. They believe Industry 4.0 is for the manufacturing industry only,” knows CxO Europe’s CEO Dirk Vermant. “What’s so interesting is that many production companies are just discovering servitisation, and are trying to cope with the challenges of offering, selling, and realizing services, whereas for the services businesses leaders, this is commodity practice.”

Want to know more about CxO Leadership Forum, check this website.

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