CxO to alert and inform Belgian companies about the impact of I4.0 on Sales & Marketing

Today, the CxO Leadership Forum introduced a small Industry 4.0 pitch between dinner and dessert. Jan Lagast warned the audience that Industry 4.0 is much more than a techno hype that will change the factory floor of manufacturing companies. First, it will also impact the sales & marketing function of that same manufacturing company, after the ‘things’ will have been installed. But, even more, Industry 4.0 will change entire fields of industry, and will impact the strategy, business model, and the sales & marketing function of all the companies that are co-playing in the same sector or value chain. So, whatever your business, think Industry 4.0 and check what’s happening in your value chain.

And register now for the ISM4.0 Summit in Berlin …

Or review Jan’s presentation on CxO Leadership Forum

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