Defining the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is key to the success of self-steering organisations in Industry 4.0

Some weeks ago, we attended a seminar on self-steering as the new way to organizing a company. “One of the main drivers of self-steering is Industry 4.0,” said prof. Jan De Visch (Flanders Business School). “Industry 4.0 will increase the required speed and depth of decision taking at the management of all the co-players in a supply chain, and that is impossible with the classic command-and-control mechanisms.”

Organize the organization around clients

In order to introduce self-steering in a successful way, De Visch indicated that a company should start organizing teams around clients, and motivate the teams towards creating client value. That’s why defining the strategic Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is key to the success of the new organisation.  The UVP is the central motif – the main reason why clients want to be client at your company, and why people want to be working for you.

A summary of the event is published on the website of Participium. For the Dutch speaking audience, there is also a little movie about self-steering. The ppt of Jan De Visch can be downloaded via the same page.

Want to receive help on the definition of a purpose or a Unique Value Proposition? Call Forte or visit the Berlin Summit on Industrial Sales & Marketing 4.0 first.