Everyone is into Industry 4.0

Last week, someone told us “I am not into Industry 4.0, because we are not in the manufacturing industry”. This is wrong, so wrong. Just suppose one of the companies within your supply chain is changing the game of the sector thanks to Industry 4.0. Just suppose. Changing the game could change the role and value you have in the supply chain. It could get you out of the lead and reduce the power of setting the price. It could diminish your value in the supply chain – or increase it (be sure to be ready in that case!). It could even mean that your company has no value any longer and will disappear.

That’s why you ARE going to be deep into Industry 4.0 – even when you do not invest one single euro into the Industry 4.0 technology.

How to find your future value?

The question indeed is, how do you know what your role is going to be? And how are you going to take or keep the lead? The answers are not in your spreadsheets or ERP system. The answers are outside, on the market, in the ecosystem. Looking outside is of paramount importance, wherever you are in the supply chain today. By thinking outside the walls of your factory and looking at exemples from different sectors and other business models, you might think of a scenario that puts you in the lead (again).

That’s why it is so important to join the Industry 4.0 Summit in October …