Market-focused organization requires clear strategic intent

A market- and client-focused organisation is created at the top. When the strategic intent is “to become the biggest or the richest”, the whole organization will be set into a money-focused mode. Don’t think you can tell everyone “be happy and make clients happy”, while the strategy of the company – and the intent of its management – clearly dictates something else.

Market focus should be intentional

At Forte, the advisors discovered there are only two major intents:

  • people for clients (vertical axis of the compass), and
  • processes for money (the horizontal axis of the compass).

What’s more, these strategic intents do not like each other. Either you want to be market-oriented and then you have to mean it. Or you are money-focused, and that’s ok too, because it is clear to everyone — but of course, then the company will be fundamentally different.

The good news is, when you really want to become a market-focused company, the only thing you have to do is to define the unique value proposition (UVP), and get it life.