Looking into six industries

The I4.0 Summit is going to look into the evolutions of six different ecosystems:

  • Food & beverage production value chain from agriculture to store.
  • Utility building and city infrastructure value chain.
  • Electronics devices and kitchen appliances supply chain.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industries ecosystem.
  • Energy and raw materials circular economy.
  • Transport systems and production ecosystem.

Each of these originally relatively linear value chains is changing into a web of partners and suppliers that are co-operating and competing to get products and services towards end users. And no, this is not about B2C. But yes, the B2B companies are getting closer and closer towards the end consumer nowadays.

From sectors to ecosystems or value chains

That’s why we avoided to dig into sectors like manufacturing, machine production, mining, industrial automation, industrial ICT and services, etc. Each of these sectors are working for one or more ecosystems, in which they play a vital role — or not. The role of each and every player will be changing within the game of the ecosystems that they want to serve. So we welcome machine producers, product manufacturers, raw materials and ingredient suppliers, industrial automation experts, transport and logistics services provides, industrial ICT suppliers, management advisors, and every other company that plays a vital role – or wants to play a vital role – in one of the above value chains.

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