Why you should attend

Because the future will be fundamentally different

Industry 4.0 is much and much more than just a new trend in factory automation. I4.0 will change entire sectors, value chains, and ecosystems. It will lead towards new offerings, new business models, new strategies, and new platforms. In the same time, Industry 4.0 is impacting the way we do business, the way we think about and interact with customers, the way we organize companies around self-steering teams, and the way we ensure all of these people receive the right information on the right time.

Existing methodologies are for I3.0 change, not for I4.0 transformation

The fundamental transformation that will be required for established companies to cope with the disruptions, and take the lead in Industry 4.0, are not to be found in classic management literature and business school education. Scientific research is not there yet, since there are no cases to research yet. That’s why we are now entering a new era, in which we will see new methodologies, new approaches, and new research popping up, as a result of experimenting, trying and being successful – sometimes.

Established companies are no start-ups – and they should not become one

Startups love this new era – they experiment with VC money to try and get hold of their potential success. Established companies however, are not having that luxury of lightness. They have their inertia, their structure, their history, their power lines, their people and their responsibilities. On the other hand, they also might have a strong brand, an established reputation, existing clients and historic partnerships, an image of trust, and size that still matters to connect their enterprise platforms to other platforms.

This Summit brings colleagues from similar established 3.0 companies together to get inspired by each other, to learn, to connect, to share. We add the faculty and business advisory that is already looking into this new era, for injecting this sharing with the first lessons learned and a sound portion of fundamental thinking.

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