Track chairs

Michael Kleinaltenkamp (Freie Universität Berlin)

MichaelExpert in industrial marketing. Researches the impact of Industry 4.0 on Sales & Marketing. Invented “usage centre” to cope with value perception evolution. Track chair on the impact of Industry 4.0 on markets and business models, sector coach in one of the industry-specific parallel sessions, and keynote on the transformation of Account Management into Customer Success Management.

Wesley Johnston (Georgia State University)

WesbwExpert in B2B branding and Account Management. Focuses on B2B branding in our conference. Has proven that B2B companies shoulc invest more into B2B branding, as that helps increase their small transaction business and selling their platform interconnections. Keynote on the new case for B2B branding, and sector coach in one of the industry-specific parallel sessions.

Olaf Plötner (European School of Management & Technology)

olafFormer Dean of ESMT and expert in the field of strategic management, industrial market management, and sales management in global B2B markets. He also acquired profound practice experience, being a former Director of Siemens AG in Boston. In his research, Olaf focuses on the current transformation of sales into complex solutions selling. In the ISM4point0 Summit he will integrate the outcomes of the industry-specific parallel sessions at the end of day one, and will be the keynote on the sales function on Friday.

Jan Lagast (Forte)

jan_bwAdvisor in Industrial Sales & Marketing 4.0, as well as market-oriented company strategies with a long track record of helping mid-sized pan-European companies be (more) successful with their Industry 4.0 challenges. Invented pragmatic result-oriented methodologies for businesses with an industrial market. Jan will be the keynote introducing the impact of Industry 4.0 on the field of Industrial Sales & Marketing, as well as sector coach in one of the industry-specific parallel sessions.