ISM4point0 platforms

Here are the platforms, AI systems, and big data solutions that are going to be presented in one of the digital boxes:

  • Cloud Energy Optimizer: this digital platform optimizes the energy use in office and utility buildings, by recalculating and controlling the climate systems every five minutes, taking into account the measured sensor data, as well as weather forecast and energy pricing. This platform is open to connections with energy and utility companies, building automation and security systems providers, energy advisors, building comfort optimization and HR software, etc. In the future, it might want to interconnect buildings in order to cross-optimize the use of energy among office tenants. That’s why city planners, and town management and urban experts are also invited to see whether they could join forces.
    • Lead participant: Martijn (Priva Building Automation)
    • Co-participants can request their participation via Koen Persyn
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