ISM4point0 disruptions

Here are the topics that are going to be discussed in one of the Disruption Tipi’s:

  • The new feeding of city-citizens with fresh fruit and vegetables. What might be the drivers of the transformation in the supply chain from farmer, to auction, to wholesaler & producer, to retail, to consumer? Are consumers going to get their vegetables and fruit out of the vending machine at the farmer’s place? Or delivered via drones after a few mobile clicks?
    • Lead participant = Maren Schoormans, VP Strategy of Priva Horticulture.
    • Co-participants can request their participation via Koen Persyn.
  • Drivers for office building design and construction 4.0. Are the people that use offices ever going to be crucial in the way offices are designed and built? The office climate, as well as lighting, atmosphere, smell, silence, … have historically been under-rewarded, yet the business outcome of the tenants is mainly determined by a great office climate. And there is more – people move and that imposes new challenges on the flexibility of the infrastructure. So, what are going to be the drivers in the transformation of offices 3.0 to offices 4.0?
    • Lead participant = Peter Vandendriessche, VP Strategy of Priva Building Automation.
    • Co-participants can request their participation via Koen Persyn.
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