Academic registration

Dear professor, lecturer, PhD student. Although the main purpose of the event is to organize a venue for business people, we do welcome academic fans. We understand you might not have the same budget as business executives. That is why we decided to offer a lower academic subscription fee.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin in October …

Academic registration: € 792 per person 

  • 21% VAT excl. for Belgian residents.
  • VAT reverse for non-Belgian residents.
  • Includes the attendance to the Summit, coffee & snack breaks, lunch, and VIP dinner at the Berlin TV Tower.
  • Travel and stay at your own expense.
  • Invoice can be requested (+ € 10 VAT excl.)

Since we prefer to be in touch with you on a personal basis, you will not receive an automatic confirmation mail. Our staff will send you a personalized reach-out within the next 24 working hours.

Please note: by clicking “submit” you register to the Summit and accept the general terms and conditions of Institute 4.0 NV.