Academic subscription

Dear professor, lecturer, PhD student. Although the main purpose of the event is to organize a venue for business strategists and marketing managers to meet each other cross various industrial sectors, and learn about the impact Industry 4.0 could have on their value chain and business model, we do welcome academic fans.

We understand you might not have the same budget as business executives. That is why we decided to offer a lower academic subscription fee.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin in October …

Academic registration: € 792 per person 

  • 21% VAT excl. for Belgian residents.
  • VAT reverse for non-Belgian residents.
  • Includes the attendance to the Summit, coffee & snack breaks, lunch, but not the VIP dinner at the Berlin TV Tower.
  • Travel and stay at your own expense.
  • Invoice can be requested (+ € 10 VAT excl.)

Since we prefer to be in touch with you on a personal basis, you will not receive an automatic confirmation mail. Our staff will send you a personalized reach-out within the next 24 working hours.

Please note: by clicking “submit” you register to the Summit and accept the general terms and conditions of Institute 4.0 NV.